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Concrete resurfacing

At Cain’s Decorative Concrete LLC, we make sure to follow the best practices for concrete resurfacing to get great results. You might have a concrete driveway or patio on your property where the concrete is worn, chipped, faded, or cracked. Our experts can come out and take a look at the condition and determine if concrete resurfacing is right for you! We often recommend concrete resurfacing as a cost effective solution to our clients. It’s a whole lot cheaper than tearing out your old concrete and pouring new.

What does concrete resurfacing look like?

One of the most critical factors when resurfacing your concrete is to prepare the substrate properly. Concrete overlays for example are designed to adhere to existing concrete, but this can only happen when there is a solid clean base to adhere to. Overlooking prep work when resurfacing is the most common cause of concrete overlay delamination and short term failure. Professional concrete resurfacing starts with cleaning the concrete surface thoroughly and stripping away any sealants or paints previously applied. We then remove any loose or scaling concrete and fill and repair cracks. Another important step is roughening the concrete surface. We have the right equipment to mechanically scrape or abrade the concrete to make a great surface for a concrete overlay to adhere to.


Concrete resurfacing cost

As with any project, consultation, and evaluation of the condition of your concrete is necessary to give proper estimates. But the good news is that concrete resurfacing is a much more affordable way to bring new life to your concrete. We think you’ll be surprised at just how affordable it is. We always provide a free no obligation estimate.

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Resurfacing is an affordable solution for those looking to upgrade their current concrete surfaces. You’ll be left with a beautiful and smooth surface for just a fraction of the cost of new concrete.

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