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  • How is weather a factor when working with concrete?

    Weather is the determining factor in how well concrete will cure and ultimately how strong your concrete will be long term. A slow cure is best and that happens when it's cool outside but not too cold. If temps drop much lower than freezing, it's recommended to wait until it warms up in the spring to begin your project. 

  • What's the difference between concrete and cement?

    Cement is an ingredient used to make concrete, and it's the ingredient that reacts to water to form a paste. Concrete comprises aggregates like sand or gravel and a paste of water and cement.

  • Can I put a concrete overlay directly over the cracked concrete around my pool?

    The answer to this depends on the severity of the cracks. If your existing concrete has large or deep cracks, they will need proper repair before adding an overlay. A DIY concrete overlay on top of existing gaps may look nice in the short term, but it will chip and crack in the long term. And if water gets under the overlay, it can result in costly restoration. Restoring your pool deck should start with a professional consultation by reputable concrete refinishers like Cain’s Decorative Concrete LLC.

  • Can I stain an older concrete driveway?

    Sure you can! Choosing to stain your driveway, no matter the age is a great way to freshen up and update your home. Something to keep in mind, however, is an old concrete driveway will most likely have stains from oils, grime, etc. Since acid staining works by filling the pores of your driveway, any oils, paints, sealers, or other impenetrable materials will not allow the stain to take hold and your driveway will need to be thoroughly cleaned before staining.

  • Do you provide a product or application that will help make my pool deck safer from slips and falls?

    Yes, we do. We have several recommendations for adding safety like stamped concrete. sealants, and adding a non-slip texture to concrete to reduce slips and falls.

  • How can I remove ugly stains from my concrete driveway?

    The easiest way is to hire Cain’s Decorative Concrete LLC! But to answer your question, there are dry and wet methods to remove stains and grime from your concrete surface. Dry methods include sandblasting, grinding, scabbing, planing, and scouring. Wet methods involve using water at high pressure or chemicals to remove the stain. The chemicals either dissolve the stain so you can wipe it away or bleach it so it's not visible.

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